East Coast Rag

East Coast Rag

“East Coast Rag” is perhaps the most difficult ragtime instrumental in this collection. It is based on Blind Blake’s classic recordings of “West Coast Blues” and “Southern Rag,” two of his greatest instrumentals. It illustrates the way he would interweave the bass and melody lines to create his classic syncopated ragtime sound. In the first few measures, the heavy syncopation in the bass provides the momentum, while in part two, the bass starts out as an alternating pattern and the melody has all the rhythm.
Blake was one of the most exciting blues and ragtime guitarists of his generation. His playing represents some of the most highly sophisticated guitar work in country blues. This one is tricky.

Difficulty: If you are comfortable with basic alternating bass picking give this one a try.

Music/tablature in Adobe PDF format included with download in Adobe PDF format

  • Bonus – MP3 Audio file also included

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