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The lesson download library is a collection of repertoire lessons available for individual purchase. The tunes are wide ranging in styles from traditional sounds to modern originals.  We offer single lessons as well as"lesson sets", a collection of tunes and subjects. Click on each selection for a free preview and a description. The Music/tablature in PDF format is included with all downloads.

The lesson downloads are a new feature on this site. Keep checking back as I will be expanding the library with new videos each month! If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please email us. Enjoy, Woody

Click on each song or lesson set for a preview, description and easy download details.  

Single Lessons
 Song Key/Tuning  Level
BYE BYE BABY BLUES Key of G Standard Basic
BABE I WANT YOU TO KNOW Drop DG Basic / Intermediate
CYPRESS GROVE BLUES Open D minor Intermediate
EAST COAST RAG Key of C Standard Intermediate / Advanced
HUDSON RIVER BOOGIE Key of E: Standard  Basic/Advanced
EARLY MORNING BLUES Key of C Standard Intermediate Advanced
DELTA MORNINGS Open D Minor Intermediate
CAT BURGLAR Open G minor Intermediate Advanced
COUNTRY FAIR Key of C Standard Advanced
HEADING EAST Drop D Advanced
MAKE BELIEVE STUNT Standard Advanced
SOUTH CAROLINA RAG Basic / Intermediate
MEAN OLD WORLD Key of C Standard Intermediate Advanced

Lesson "Sets"   

Country Blues Repertoire:
3 lesson set
Country Blues Repertoire:
3 lesson set

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